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I'm Back

2012-07-03 18:48:51 by ReconCraftTheta

Yeah. For a while I stayed away from NG but hey, what can I say, it's fun here.

Cleaning House and Stuff

2011-10-19 09:32:17 by ReconCraftTheta

YAY, I'm only leaving the stuff I like best here.

I'm just more serious about it then I was when I started, I suppose.

Reason, yo!

2011-10-08 11:43:15 by ReconCraftTheta

So as I continue to work in Fruity Loops, I got Reason 5 from a friend, so I'll be doing stuff in that as well. If anyone happens to see this and can offer advice on Reason, message me.

So yeah, because I'm uber smart (that's a lie) I've been realizing I have a crap ton of time in study hall. So what do I do? Mess around in garage band, duh.

...Although I've come to realize I hate that to. Tsh, stupid school macs! They should have logic. That'd be cool.

OPINIONS, THRUST UPON YOU. Yeah, forum time.

Bleh bleh

2011-10-05 09:40:31 by ReconCraftTheta


News and crap

2011-09-12 11:55:22 by ReconCraftTheta

So yeah, I know I'm not the best electro artist. But for those reading, I hope to not suck in the near future. I just turned 17, and got a new Midi controller/Keyboard for my birthday. I'll be honest, it makes doing things so much easier...

I finally broke past my fear of VST's as well... Over the past month or so I got a crapton of samples and vsts. So obviously we have more sounds to mess with.

Stuff not on Newgrounds

2011-08-27 13:21:26 by ReconCraftTheta

Not all of my shit is on newgrounds.

New stuff and a redux

2011-07-24 15:45:01 by ReconCraftTheta

So yeah, broke past my fear of keyboards. Almost totally redone version of "Apparently That Never Happened"... woohoo!!!

So yeah. I'm working on the latest project, and basically, it's me trying to deviate from my original tracks. It's still going to be simplistic, definitely not any thing ├╝ber intense or complicated. I mean come on, lets be honest, if I tried to do something like that, my head would explode :D.

Alright, officially getting the hang on Fruity Loops... check out Endgeger (demo, of course) and give me some feed back.