School is so so so so so fun.

2011-10-07 09:46:18 by ReconCraftTheta

So yeah, because I'm uber smart (that's a lie) I've been realizing I have a crap ton of time in study hall. So what do I do? Mess around in garage band, duh.

...Although I've come to realize I hate that to. Tsh, stupid school macs! They should have logic. That'd be cool.

OPINIONS, THRUST UPON YOU. Yeah, forum time.


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2011-10-07 12:53:30

True, school is kinda fun. It just depends of the teachers and school subjects. Pretty sweet for me, cuz I study to be a datanome, so we just basically study computers :D

ReconCraftTheta responds:

Nice! Hahaha, I'm really good in the sciences. Biology, in chemistry this year and can't wait for physics.